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3 places to visit in Livorno

Although not one of the most populous, most Livorno is among the most significant cities in Italy and will be the capital of the Province of Livorno. Its main source of economy is its huge port and Livorno really has the third-largest port in the nation. Additionally, its port plays host to a variety of cruise ships that dock and offer their guests an opportunity to see mainland Italy. Comb your hair with ys park combs and head to Livorno. Don’t miss out on having a good time.

Livorno may not be the best city in Italy you can visit on horseback, but don’t miss visiting Italy because of it. In the case you do go riding, don’t forget saddle blankets. The area of Livorno has shown signs of inhabitation since the Neolithic period and because of its coastal location in central Italy, it has always been an important city. Throughout the Renaissance and the rule of the Medici family, Livorno was fortified and obtained many towers, temples, and town walls to aid its defense. Much of those defenses remain now and you can still see the pentagonal shape of the old historical city center.

As time progressed, the city expanded and it has a beautiful contrast of old and new, together with the industrial nature of the port. Although many men and women pass through Livorno to get to Pisa, it’s a fantastic destination in its own right and contains a lot of historic sites and beautiful shores which are waiting to be explored.

Here would be the 3 best things to visit in Livorno:

1. Fortezza Nuova

Constructed in the mid to late 1500s, the New Fort was an addition to the defenses of Livorno and functioned as another fortification in combination with the old fort.

With a normal pentagonal style with a collection of pointed-out battlements, the fort is an imposing structure that is surrounded by the canal.

Surrounded by ancient walls, much of the defensive features stand intact such as the gun ports, whilst at the middle of the fort is a beautiful garden and grounds.

Today it’s possible to walk through the grounds, investigate a number of the temples passages, and also walk the battlements for beautiful views of the canals and town.

This may not be the best place you can go around with a baby. It might be best to get out for a short time and visit Fortezza Nuova while your baby sleeps in the afternoon on comfortable crib sheets.

Fortezza Nuova | Livorno Young
Fortezza Nuova
  1. Livorno Port

The port of Livorno is really an impressive and monumental site and it’s one of the busiest and most successful ports in Italy.

Stretching from the quiet volcano in the Livorno Aquarium to the opening of the canal which eventually joins into the River Arno, the vent has a mixture of commercial shipping and recreational cruise terminals.

Walking through this gigantic port provides a fascinating chance to see how something of the magnitude works, but also observe the monolithic cruise ships as they dock and offload their thousands of passengers keen to research.

15 Best Things to Do in Livorno (Italy) - The Crazy Tourist
Livorno Port
  1. Nuova Venezia

The region surrounding the Fortezza Nuova is known as Nuova Venezia (New Venice), which is due to the numerous canals that line the streets.

Starting at the Scali Delle Encore, you can walk around the central canal and across the bridge on Via Della Venezia; from here you can admire the gorgeous waterways and small sailing boats that line the canals.

Continue towards the Scali del Reggio and see the stunning Chiesa di Santa Caterina before going on into the Fortezza Nuova.

You can also visit casinos there. But if you can’t find any. You can online bet on one of your favorite players or any kind of sports. Whatever you want, just enjoy it!

There are numerous streets and canals to explore, but this whole area has a charming feel and is a truly magical place to explore.

Con la nuova “Venezia Unica Gold” prima i veneziani e dopo i turisti -  TgTourism
Nuova Venezia

While you walk this beautiful city, take refreshment with you, the water is always the best. You can take it with you in a clear bottle.

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