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The best hotels in Tuscany

On the off chance that you are arranging a heartfelt outing, gastronomic investigation, appreciating wine or the aromas of lavender and rosemary, the Italian area of Tuscany is one of the best options. Its scenes, delicate slopes covered with grape plantations, olive forests, wheat fields and timberlands, stone ranch style homes and tall cypresses, are an unlimited motivation to numerous specialists.

In any case, to completely appreciate the charms of this area where the Renaissance began and where the greats of history resided, it is important to spend at any rate a couple of days there. In the event that you’ve been pondering where to remain this time, here are a few ideas:

Castello di Casole is a lavish lodging in Tuscany, offering a refined environment, in an antiquated, country style and a remarkable Tuscan food offer. Encircled by delightful scenes and tones, you will appreciate a valid encounter of this scene. The lodging on a 1,700-hectare Tuscan home is really a tenth century mansion. The rural rooms include oil canvases and magnificent stoneware, while the Essere Spa, the palace’s unique wine basement, has seven spaces for unwinding and kneading with orange and basil oil. In 2013, by specialists, this inn was pronounced truly outstanding on the planet.

Vila Bertagni is situated in the focal piece of the mountain ranges in Tuscany and addresses all that we dream Tuscany ought to be: memorable, heartfelt, inebriating, sexy and wonderful. Estate Bertagni exemplifies the most amazing aspect Tuscany. It was assembled 500 years prior by a respectable family from Florence. The manor is important for a provincial home, which has timberlands and cascades. The rooms are intended to the best expectations and adjusted to the climate and nature of the manor.

Hotel Le Fontanelle is a beguiling shop inn only a little ways from Siena. It is encircled by the olive forests of Castelnuovo Berardenga, and is really a Tuscan estate from the thirteenth century, which has nearly got another, extravagant look, however has saved its unique appeal and excellence. The insides of this lodging are delightfully brightened and now have wooden sims on the windows, outlining an alleviating perspective on Tuscany. It additionally incorporates a stunning café, La Colonna, where you can appreciate on the roomy patio, in phenomenal Italian food with a little contort. It is completely furnished with a pool, rec center and restrictive eatery to appreciate consistently.

Borgo Santo Pietro  is an interesting lodging manor in Tuscany. The inn is a novel office that furnishes visitors with a Tuscan way of life experience through a five-star administration and a homestead. The ideal mix of nature and extravagance. Numerous who have visited it think of it as inseparable from administration, extravagance and delight in comfort. For admirers of refined taste and top style, this inn is a genuine hit. Each room is remarkable and open. Albeit the style is antiquated, the inn is furnished with the most recent innovation.

L’Andana is a memorable Tuscan estate with a spa. Situated in the focal point of Maremma, it has stunning design, mixed into an awesome indigenous habitat. This lavish inn offers you faultless assistance and solace. It has a tennis court, a little green, just as a bike rental help. In the event that you are a greater amount of the sort of individual who favors a casual occasion and unwinding, you can appreciate the Jacuzzi ignoring the nursery which is arranged flawlessly. With regards to food, this lavish lodging serves simply the best food, and incredibly famous cooks even give culinary exercises to the individuals who are intrigued.

Forelunga Luxury Hotel and Villas is situated close to Siena and Florence, in calm slopes and rich olive forests. This is a vintage extravagance Italian lodging, which mixes current impacts and every one of the conveniences that a lavish inn ought to have. In this inn, you will have the chance to encounter the rich Italian food, which is served in the nursery during the excellent days, and throughout the colder time of year inside the café, which has a lot of regular light and phenomenal perspectives.

Vila Armena  is a lavish inn situated in Bouncovento. Elaborate style is noticeable in each room. It is known as a top notch Tuscan area, because of the numerous rich sightseers who visit this spot consistently. This lavish lodging has an astounding wine basement for certain top notch vintages. There is a pool just as a little sea shore so you can appreciate the sun with style.

Il Salviatino is an incredibly and luxuriously remodeled manor, dating from the fifteenth century. It is situated close to Florence and is most likely the best area for craftsmanship darlings. Inside this lavish lodging you will discover a gallery of frescoes, classical baths and some precious masterpieces that exist today. With respect to the stylistic theme, the floors are made of oak, a few subtleties are made of silver and marble, while the fragrance of new blossoms spreads all through the feeling. This lavish inn has two faultless cafés, a bar and a spa.

Monteverdi lavish inn is a genuine encapsulation of extravagance. It’s not simply a lodging, it’s a genuine little town. It comprises of middle age cobbled roads, an old church and a tranquil pool. The design, which is exceptionally old, is fascinating and interesting, very much saved and reestablished.

5 najboljih restorana u Italiji

Svi dobro znamo da je Italija poznata po svojoj neverovatnoj hrani. I kako ne bi bila, pice, paste, lazanje… sve su to njihova kulinarska remek dela. Italijani su ispred svih što se tiče kuhinje. Ali jednu stvar morate imati na umu. Ako ne budete otišli u dobar restoran, mozda vam se neće svideti. Izabrao sam 5 najboljih restorana u Italiji, koja morate posetiti.

Italian Food Vocabulary | EnglishClub

Uliassi (Senigallia, Ancona)

Italijanski restoran sa tri zvezdice, Uliassi‘s je svoja vrata prvi put otvorio 1990. godine zahvaljujući naporima šefa kuhinje Maura Uliassija zajedno sa njegovom suprugom Katijom. Lepo smešten između plaže i luke, pogled i atmosfera su prelepi a hrana predivna. Smatraju da je njihova kuhinja laka, ali sasvim savremena, jer koristi sve najnovije tehnologije i tehnike, a istovremeno ostaje u velikoj meri ukorenjena u kulinarskoj tradiciji ovog područja.

Passione Gourmet

St. Hubertus (San Cassiano, Bolzano)

Hotel Rosa Alpina, dom restorana Saint Hubertus, nalazi se prelepo u italijanskim Dolomitima i nudi smeštaj, poznatu atmosferu i, naravno, restoran sa tri Mišelin zvezdice, vešto vođen kuvarom Norbertom Niederkoflerom. Ovde ćete pronaći domaće testenine, komade svežeg mesa, poljoprivredne sireve, sve koji se koriste za pripremu alpskih jela koja zagrevaju srce.

Planinski bor, cvet smreke i lokalni začini pažljivo su odabrani među proizvođačima iz ovog kraja kako bi se stvorila ukusno jedinstvena, ali tradicionalna jela. Da se ne bi mučili da dodjete do ovog restorana peške, pošto je na srednjoj nadmorskoj visini imate jeftin rent a car u blizini u kojem mozete da iznajmite bilo koji automobil i odete da uzivate u vašem jelu.

Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa
St. Hubertus

Reale (Località Casadonna, Castel di Sangro, L’Aquila)

Kreativna kuhinja njegovog jedinstvenog kuvara, Niko Romito, i naravno instagram reklamiranje učinila je Reale jednim od najboljih restorana u zemlji. Samouki kuvar, Romitovi recepti rezultat su njegove vlastite beskrajne radoznalosti za novim ukusima i kombinacijama. Realeova hrana definisana je kao tradicionalna, ali sročena na svoje najčišće ukuse.

Casadonna Reale, a boutique hotel in Castel Di Sangro - Page

Le Calandre (Rubano, Padova) 

Šef kuhinje Le Calandre, Massimiliano Alajmo, bio je najmlađi kuvar koji je ikada dobio treću Michelinovu zvezdu. Njegova kuhinja je inovativna i kreativna. Restoran su 1981. godine otvorili Alajmovi roditelji i uvršten je među najboljih 50 restorana na svetu. Celokupan doživljaj trpezarije u Le Calandre dužan je da iznenadi kupce: od dekora kuće do mirisa, od posuđa do nameštaja, sve su osmislila braća Alajmo, a proizveli najbolje zanatlije u Italiji.

U slučaju da biste želeli da probate Alajmoovu kuhinju, ali bez cena Mišelinovih zvezdica, možete otići na Il Calandrino, ljupki bistro u blizini, koji nadgleda i režira sam kuvar. Takodje ako nema mesta u restoranu mozete da svratite u sportske kladionice koje su pored,ubijete vreme i usput zaradite nešto.

Le Calandre | Davide Groppi
Le Calandre

Osteria Francescana (Modena)

Osteria Francescana već nekoliko godina važi za najbolji restoran na svetu. Ulazi u kralja restorana prema kritičarima. Ovde su prisutni Botturini kreativci, koji ponekad prelaze vrhunske kulinarske proizvode: od pene od mortadele i žele ribe, do parmezana predstavljenog sa četiri teksture u jednom jelu. Sve ovde da kupci probaju. Bottura nudi, pored svojih avangardnih užitaka, i tradicionalnije klasike italijanske kuhinje, pa bi trebalo da postoji zaista nešto za svakoga.

Osteria francescana: il miglior ristorante al mondo è a Modena
Osteria Francescana

The 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy

Italy has some of the most spectacular older cities in the world. If you want to go beyond the usual tourist routes and watch them in a whole new light, take a look at a few of our excursions lead by passionate, specialist guides.

It is not just the countryside that’s amazing in Italy so are many of the cities! Not only are they magnificent, but Italy’s cities are also amazingly fascinating, full of history, art, historical ruins, and much more.

Here are the 5 most beautiful cities in Italy.

Is Italy Reopening and When Will I Be Able to Visit?


Verona isn’t just where William Shakespeare places Romeo and Juliet–it is also a beautiful city that offers a great deal to do and see! From early Roman ruins into a medieval castle, from magnificent piazzas to historic churches, Verona is bursting with sightseeing opportunities. And, oh yes, it’s among the most beautiful cities in Italy… and every bit as romantic as you would expect!

Best Things to Do in Verona, Italy


What makes Venice among the most gorgeous cities in, well, the world? Let’s count the ways… There is Venice’s unique, beautiful architecture, its beautiful churches, and, of course, that the show-stopping St. Mark’s Square.

However, what makes Venice amazing is how it is built entirely on canals — so there’s no traffic or bus exhaust, and together with many canals, all you can hear is the lapping of the water!

To make the most of Venice’s tranquil side, look at moving in autumn or even in winter when a lovely mist hangs over the entire city. Of course, you can’t go to Italy and not bet on Serie A. For them, sport, especially football, is very important.

Grand Canal | canal, Venice, Italy | Britannica


Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, among our favorite areas in Italy. Bologna is also completely beautiful. And there’s a lot to do here. From soaking in the academic ambiance (Bologna is home to Europe’s oldest university) to appreciate the area’s excellent cuisine in local trattorie, to shooting pleasure pictures with all the leaning tower of Bologna (it is not only in Pisa!).

The Perfect Day in Bologna, Italy | Departures


Rome is the largest city in Italy and with its 2,500 decades of history and countless archaeological sites, art museums, churches, and ruins, it might just be the most fascinating!

Despite Rome’s relatively compact Historic center, you could easily spend a month exploring the town and not see everything. And, yes, you will find a lot of places to see in Italy. This city is rich in historical things. There you can also see the oldest japanese scissors which are in fact a historical treasure. However, to come to Italy in search of its beautiful spots and cities… and not see Rome? Well, this would be a crime!

35 Ultimate Things to Do in Rome


Visit Florence once, and you will find out why it inspired numerous writers and artists! Together with its graceful buildings, cobblestoned streets, and showstoppers such as the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio, Florence is a feast for the eyes. And that’s only if you are walking around outdoors!

In those buildings, much more, beauty expects, from Michelangelo’s David from the Accademia to masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, and much more in the Uffizi.

What to See, Eat, and Do in Florence, Italy | Departures

3 places to visit in Livorno

Although not one of the most populous, most Livorno is among the most significant cities in Italy and will be the capital of the Province of Livorno. Its main source of economy is its huge port and Livorno really has the third largest port in the nation. Additional its port plays host to a variety of cruise ships which dock and offer their guests a opportunity to see mainland Italy.

The area of Livorno has shown signs of inhabitation since the Neolithic period and because of its coastal location in central Italy, it has always been an important city. Throughout the Renaissance and the rule of the Medici family, Livorno was fortified and obtained many towers, temples and town walls to aid its defence. Much of those defences remain now and you can still see the pentagonal shape of the old historical city center.

As time progressed, the city expanded and it has a beautiful contrast of old and new, together with the industrial nature of the port. Although many men and women pass through Livorno to get to Pisa, it’s a fantastic destination in its own right and contains a lot of historic sites and beautiful shore which are waiting to be explored.

Here would be the 3 best things to visit in Livorno:

1. Fortezza Nuova

Constructed in the mid to late 1500’s, the New Fort was an addition to the defences of Livorno and functioned as another fortification in combination with the old fort.

With a normal pentagonal style with a collection of pointed out battlements, the fort is an imposing structure that is surrounded on all sides by the canal.

Surrounded by ancient walls, much of the defensive features stand intact such as the gun ports, whilst at the middle of the fort is a beautiful garden and grounds.

Today it’s possible to walk through the grounds, investigate a number of the temples passages, and also walk the battlements for beautiful views of the canals and town.

Fortezza Nuova | Livorno Young
Fortezza Nuova
  1. Livorno Port

The port of Livorno is really a impressive and monumental site and it’s one of the busiest and most successful ports in Italy.

Stretching from the quiet volcano in the Livorno Aquarium, to the opening of the canal which eventually joins into the river Arno, the vent has a mixture of commercial shipping and recreational cruise terminals.

Walking through this gigantic port provides a fascinating chance to see how something of the magnitude works, but also observe the monolithic cruise ships as they dock and offload their thousands of passengers keen to research.

15 Best Things to Do in Livorno (Italy) - The Crazy Tourist
Livorno Port
  1. Nuova Venezia

The region surrounding the Fortezza Nuova is known as Nuova Venezia (New Venice), which is due to the numerous canals that line the streets.

Starting at the Scali delle Ancore, you can walk around the central canal and across the bridge on Via della Venezia; from here you can admire the gorgeous waterways and small sailing boats that line the canals.

Continue towards the Scali del Reggio and see the stunning Chiesa di Santa Caterina before going on into the Fortezza Nuova.

You can also visit casinos there. But if you can’t find any. You can online bet on one of your favorite players or any kind of sports. Whatever you want, just enjoy it!

There are numerous streets and canals to explore, but this whole area has a charming feel and is a truly magical place to explore.

Con la nuova “Venezia Unica Gold” prima i veneziani e dopo i turisti -  TgTourism
Nuova Venezia

Livorno-najlepši grad Italije

Proputvao sam celu Italiju. Obišao sam skoro sve gradove. Jedan grad po mom mišljenju i najlepsi mi se mnogo svideo.Rec je o Livornu.

Tamo sam odseo nekih mesec dana u hotelu Agave in Città. Moje iskustvo je bilo neverovatno. Svašta sam tamo lepo i nezaboravno doživeo. Od crkvi, muzeja pa sve do prelepe luke.

A walk through Livorno's history | Visit Tuscany

Hotel u kom sam odseo bio je odlican i blizu svega što možete videti u ovom gradu. Svaki dan obilazio sam muzeje, spomenike, crkve, šetao se pored mora i uživao u neverovatnoj hrani.

Priroda tamo je kako bi mi rekli “melem za oči” . Samo gledanjem u more i zelenilo skroz se opustite. Da ne pričam o prelepim italijankama. Stalno sam obilazio razne restorane,prodavnice i kazine.

Restorani su odlični, usluga je vrlo ljubazna, a hrana savršena. Njihove prodavice su isto jako lepe i prodavci vrlo ljubazni.Kad sam obilazio kazine tu sam se malo razočarao. Nemaju neki izbor kazina. Sve što nadjete ili je jako malo ili su u nekim skrivenim uličicama i nemoguce ih je naći. Zato postoji uživo kladjenje opcija. Koju vam preporučujem.

Livorno, Tuscany, Italy - What to see - Love from Tuscany

Ovaj grad ce va se sigurno dopasti. Zato ga posetite što pre jer se nećete razočarati. Smeštaj je lako naci i to po povoljnoj ceni. A ako niste ljubitelj hodanja, imate opciju iznajmljavanja automobila. Iznajmio sam kola i bio prezadovoljan uslugom. I to toplo preporučujem.

Lepote Livorna

Iako nije jedan od najnaseljenijih, Livorno je jedan od najvažnijih gradova Italije i glavni je grad pokrajine Livorno. Njegov glavni izvor ekonomije je velika luka i Livorno zaista ima treću najveću luku u zemlji.

Luka Livorno

Pored toga, njegova luka ugošćuje razne brodove za krstarenje koji pristaju i nude svojim gostima priliku da vide kontinentalnu Italiju. Region Livorno pokazuje znakove naseljenosti još od neolita i zbog svog obalnog položaja u centralnoj Italiji, oduvek je bio važan grad.

Ketrin & Kozimo de Mediči

Tokom renesanse i vladavine porodice Mediči, Livorno je učvršćen i dobio je mnoge kule, utvrde i gradske zidine da pomognu svojoj odbrani. Veliki deo ovih odbrana ostaje i danas, ai dalje možete videti peterokutni oblik starog istorijskog centra grada. Kako je vreme odmicalo, grad se širio i danas ima prelep kontrast starog i novog, zajedno sa industrijskom prirodom luke. Iako mnogi ljudi prolaze kroz Livorno kako bi došli do Pize, on je fantastična destinacija sama po sebi i ima mnogo istorijskih lokaliteta i prelepu obalu koja čeka da bude istražena.

Pored prelepih istorijskih znamenitosti, ono što krasi Livorno je i mnoštvo luksuznih restorana, kafića, ali nije pogato kazinima i kladionica, pa je za ljubitelje ovog sporta najbolja opcija online sportska kladionica.

Sam prevoz u Livornu nije mnogo razvijen, a i najbliži aerodrom je dosta daleko, pa će put do tamo podrazumevati mnogo vožnje. Naš savet je da iznajmite najpouzdaniji rent a car u Beogradu i da se na put kad Livornu uputite svojim vozilom.

Put do Livorna

Bili smo u Toskani, u Lido di Camaiore, nakon čega smo krenuli na duži izlet duž obale, u južnom vođstvu u Populoniju. Putem smo videli Castiglioncello kako koristi prekrasan dvorac, pored grada Livorno.

Ubrzo smo otkrili da njegovu obalu(drugi po veličini u Italiji) stvara vrlo jak utisak. Uz to, trebali smo predvidjeti zanimljive kanale u gradu, po uzoru na Veneciju. Sve je proisteklo iz njega, saznaćete u nastavku. Pošto smo čuvenu luku u Livornu smatrali najvećom atrakcijom, odlučili smo se parkirati tamo, a zatim, nakon odlaska u luku, posetiti centar grada u svetlu julskog sunca. U stvarnosti, u obali se nalazi plaćeni parking na kome možete ostaviti svoj automobil (P; GPS: 43.553388, 10.303053). Parking na Livornu U samom centru nalazi se kompleks istorijskih zgrada poznatih kao tvrđava Vecchia (B; GPS: 43.551994, 10.302709) – to je dvorac sagrađen u 14. veku, koji je kasnije produžen da zaštiti luku Livorno od nepozvanih gostiju.

Teretna luka u Livornu

Nakon odlaska do luke preselili smo se u centar grada pokušavajući da pređemo preko kanala. Tužno je reći da sama šetnja nije bila tako osvežavajuća kao što biste očekivali. Sami kanali su neuspješni, na njima je puno brodova, a povremeno se penje i neugodan miris. Iako Venecija takođe nije uvek mirisala lepo, ali su te stanice u Veneciji bile daleko ljepše i ljepše. Iz centra grada, u blizini gradske skupstine(D; GPS: 43.552070, 10.308305) i susednih puteva, postoje prilično fini, obnovljeni stambenim domovima. Ipak ovde nismo mogli naći vazduh tipičan za njegove italijanske gradove koji se mogu otkriti na više različitih mesta. Postoje prirodne prodavnice, ali verovatno odsustvo turističkih mesta i sami turisti napuštaju ovaj grad nekako dosadno. Doživeli smo grad pomalo “prohladno” i nikad nam ne odgovara Toskani. Očigledno ima nekoliko plaža, ali nikada ih nismo pokušali locirati. Bez obzira da li ostajete u blizini, posetite Livorno – sam odlazak je vredan toga. Ili ćete možda imati drugačiji, bolji pogled na grad?

Godina promena!

Promene su zakon života. A oni koji gledaju samo na prošlost ili sadašnjost sigurno će propustiti budućnost!”

Džon F. Kenedi

Ne mogu se oteti razmišljanju kako smo u poslednjih desetak godina stalno se govorili o promenama. Promenama sopstvenih navika, prioriteta, načina života, okoline, ljudi oko sebe i spisak se nastavlja i nastavlja… Stalno smo započinjali neke unutrašnje reforme, slušali savete drugih, po nečemu uspešnijih ljudi, trudili se da kopiramo njihove načine rešavanja određenih problema. Da se ne lažemo, polovina od tih ljudi samo zahvaljujući unajmljivanju najbolje agencije za digitalni marketing prodaje što bi naš narod rekao maglu. Naravno, kako kažu u svakom žitu ima i kukolja, kukolj su u ovom slučaju ljudi koji zaista imaju dobar savet ali treba ih naći.

Vreme promena

Pazi šta želiš!?

Iako nisam planirala da ovaj blog ide u ovom pravcu i govori o temama o kojoj trenutno pišem smatram da je nemoguće zaobići istu. Verujem da ćemo se svi složiti da je ova godina toliko nepredvidiva da se iako smo tek na polovini iste plašimo šta nam je sve spremila i kako će se završiti. Niko nije mogao da smisli ovakav scenario, neko iz moje okoline reče mi skoro da ni Tarantino nije ovako maštovit ma ni sporstke kladionice ne bi mogle predviđati ovakav obrt. Zbijaju se šale na ovaj račun, šta ćeš valjda je to odbrambeni mehanizam šta li!

Požari u Australiji – doneli su nam svest o tome koliko smo zapravo iscrpeli ovu planetu, koliko koketiramo na samoj ivici opstanka ne samo čevečanstva već života u biti.

Pandemija COVID-19 virusa – mislili smo da smo joj videli kraj, da smo pobedili ali ne, ima nas ova pandemija još dosta lekcija naučiti! Vrednost porodice, nebitnost nekih lajkova, broja pratioca i ostalih stvari vezanih za društvene mreže samo su neke od stvari na listi kojih nas je ova pandemija naučila.

Demonstracije u Ujedinjenim Američkim državama – mislili smo svi da je naša svest kao Homo sapiens sapiens vrste dovoljno evoluirala da je shvatila da boja kože nije ništa drugo nego li samo nekoliko promena u genima koje nosimo, par drugačijih hemijskih veza između molekula ali uverili smo se u suprotno. Ova borba je tek počela ali se nadam da neće stati.

Želeli smo promene, molili za iste! Sada ćemo ih definitivno dobiti. Međutim da li smo zaista spremni i da li smo bili svesni svojih želja? Lepo kaže naslov jedne od planetarno populrnih knjiga, meni uistinu ne baš bliske literature, “Pazi šta želiš, možda ti se i ostvari!”.

2020. godino, ti godino promena, definitivno si zaradila čitavo poglavlje u istoriji!

Grad u kojem se prošlost i budućnost spajaju

“Welcome to Livorno, are you ready for this small but beautiful town to conquer your souls?” – bile su reči našeg vodiča dok smo mi prevrtali očima i dobacivali se flašama vode jer je bio jul i jedino nas je vrućina osvajala u tom momentu. Bila je to poslednja ekskurzija u srednjoj školi, bili smo još uvek deca i zaista nas ništa od toga nije preterano interesovalo. Išli smo kako bi se družili, pili, stvarali dogodovštine koje ćemo prepričavati sve do poslednjeg dana škole a tek usput videti nešto od Italije, eventualno kupiti u Veneciji koju masku kao suvenir, više zbog majki neko zbog nas.

Cebtar Livorna

Da ste mi tada rekli da ću jednog dana živeti u tom graadu i da će mi zaista osvojiti srce i ući u svaki deo mog bića rekla bih vam da ste ludi, ma kladila bih se u sportskoj kladionici u BiH da od toga nema ništa. Međutim neko reče da život piše romane a ovaj je o Livornu i potpuno je nepredvidiv.

Čudni su životni putevi

Sedam godina nakon te prve posete ovom gradu, iskreno nije mi puno ostalo u sećanju osim možda izgleda gradskog centra i jeftinog hotela u kojem smo spavali i nekog Italijana koji se predstavljao kao vlasnik, čuj ovo, najbolje agencije za digitalni marketing misleći da smo samo naivne i da ćemo pasti na to. Međutim, jasno se sećam momenta kada su mi saopštili da sam primljena na doktorske studije u ovom gradu, sećam se užurbanog pakovanja, haosa u glavi i pokušavanaj da se bar malo prisetim kako taj grad izgleda.

Moj Livorno

Sećam se i momenta kada sam stigla u Livorno, bila sam iznajmila neki jeftin automobil u rent a car agenciji kako bih sve stvari prevezla sa aerodroma do stana. Bojala sam se šta me sve čeka, bila sam preplavljena osećanjima, znate da nas nove stvari obično plaše. Takođe, znam i taj osećaj sigurnost koji me je preplavio kada sam prvi put ušla i pogledala kroz prozor mog novog stana, taj osećam nikada me nije napustio.

Ovaj blog posvećen je mom gradu, mom Livornu. Ovo je moj način da mu se zahvalim za svu ljubav koju mi je pružio, za to što me je prigrlio odmah po dolasku, za sve rane koje su mi njegove ulice zacelile ali i za sve ono što će mi tek dati!

I za kraj ovog našeg upoznavanja imam jedno pitanje: “Welcome to Livorno, are you ready for this small but beautiful town to conquer your souls?”